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MA in Psychology through distance mode provides students with knowledge about human behavior-related studies such as the study of personality, health, human development, cognitive development, psychomotor development, social behavior, cognitive aspects, etc during which the students will learn all the things which have been impacted by a person’s behavior. which will qualify them to identify the behavioral, psychological and emotional issues and solve them. The main motive is to impart theoretical and conceptual knowledge in basic and applied areas of Psychology and also provides an awareness of the deeper and advanced features of Psychology as a field while also the course helps the students to understand the professional characteristics of the course. In general, those who are interested in this program, individuals who enjoy working with people, want to enhance their knowledge and implement it in their respective fields and career. This program provides a deeper understanding of human behavior with empirical evidence. Learning from this course enhances professional and also personal development. The curriculum of distance MA is framed to provide in-depth knowledge about human Psychology to the students so that they can identify the psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues to solve those efficiently.

To understand the nuances of human behavior with primary aspects like describe, explain, predict and change behavior. To assist the society and harness the human behavior for betterment of life by acquiring the necessary skillsets

Semester 1

  1. Advanced General Psychology I
  2. Developmental Psychology I
  3. Research Methodology
  4. School Counselling

Semester 2

  1. Advanced General Psychology II
  2. Developmental Psychology II
  3. Behavior Modification
  4. Health Psychology
  5. Marketing and Consumer Psychology

Semester 3

  1. Applied Social Psychology I
  2. Abnormal Psychology II
  3. Counselling Psychology
  4. Positive Psychology
  5. Marriage and family Counseling

Semester 4

  1. Applied Social Psychology II
  2. Abnormal Psychology II
  3. LGBTQ Counselling
  4. Psychological Assessments - Practical Paper
  5. Project Work
  • Any Degree from Recognized University