Masters of Commerce

Masters of Commerce

Masters of Commerce

The Master of Commerce programme focuses in-depth study of theory which comprises accountancy, commerce, and economics apart from entrepreneurial development. Online M com courses for commerce students enable learners to develop acumen towards commerce and thereby get a thorough understanding of entrepreneurship.

Master of Commerce online Programme helps learners acquire the necessary skills for the business environment which plays a crucial module in modern business. A Master degree in commerce is a base for higher research studies. Wide-ranging job prospects and employability skills are available to them in the fields of commerce and industry.

The Master of Commerce (distance M Com degree) program offered through distance online education is your gateway to a brighter future. Designed to cater to the needs of working professionals, busy individuals, and those seeking flexibility in their education, Mcom correspondence program is tailored to fit your lifestyle while providing a world-class education.

After Graduation courses in commerce, master of commerce subjects is one of the major and most preferred courses among the students. There is numerous M Com specialization such as finance, accounting, economics, business studies, etc. Suresh Gyan Vihar University is most top-rated university for online distance learning courses including UG/PG courses for commerce students.

Here are presented some of the benefits of pursuing a Masters of Commerce distance education:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Distance education allows you to study from anywhere in the world. You can balance your coursework with work, family, or other commitments, making it accessible to a wider range of students.
  • Customized Learning: Many distance M.Com programs offer a variety of specializations, allowing you to tailor your degree to your specific career goals. Whether it's accounting, finance, marketing, or international business, you can choose the path that aligns with your interests and aspirations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Online M.Com programs often bring together students from various backgrounds and geographic locations. This diversity can lead to a rich networking experience, enabling you to build connections with peers and professionals worldwide.
  • Career Advancement: An M.Com degree can open doors to higher-paying positions and leadership roles in the field of commerce. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and can boost your career prospects.
  • mproved Technology Skills: Enrolling in a distance education program exposes you to various online tools and technologies used for learning and collaboration. These digital skills are increasingly valuable in today's job market.

In conclusion, pursuing a Master of Commerce through distance education offers the flexibility, affordability, and diverse opportunities needed to advance your career and achieve your academic goals while maintaining your work-life balance. It's a pathway to personal and professional development that fits into your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Online Mcom correspondence Salary Trends, and Job Profiles

Salaries and job profiles for individuals with a Master of Commerce (M. Com) degree obtained through correspondence or distance education can vary depending on factors such as location, specialization, industry, experience, and job market conditions. Below, I'll provide an overview of potential job profiles and salary trends for M.Com graduates in correspondence programs:

Job Profiles for M.Com Correspondence Graduates:

  • Accountant: Accountants are responsible for managing financial records, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. M.Com graduates often find roles as accountants in various industries.
  • Financial Analyst: Financial analysts assess financial data, trends, and investment opportunities. They provide recommendations for investment decisions and financial planning.
  • Tax Consultant: Tax consultants help individuals and businesses navigate tax laws, optimize tax returns, and ensure compliance. M.Com graduates with a specialization in taxation may pursue this career path.
  • Auditor: Auditors examine financial records, internal controls, and financial processes to ensure accuracy and compliance. They work for auditing firms or within organizations.
  • Finance managers oversee financial operations within a company, including budgeting, financial reporting, and risk management. They play a key role in financial decision-making.

  • Understanding the fundamental knowledge of the areas related to finance, accounting, human resource management, international business, corporate and business laws, taxation, marketing etc
  • Understanding to develop analytical reasoning through their active participation and involvement in teaching-learning process as envisioned in the student centric approach.
  • Understanding the qualities of teamwork, cooperation and solidarity which can be seen as a vision of the current business world. They shall be able to gain insight into the need to balance the aspects of collaboration and competition for healthier delivery to society whose hallmark currently is fierce competition.
  • Understanding the need of the current business world and make them capable to view different aspects and dimensions from global perspective. The courses are designed in such a way that the learners are encouraged to seek deeper understanding of issues and develop research abilities.
  • Trained the students to check unethical behaviour, falsification and manipulation of information in order to avoid debacles which can be seen rising persistently over the period of time.
  • Understanding the management skills like teamwork, cooperation, motivation and leadership etc. that help build the character of a future employee and facilitate him/her in inspiring others in an organization. The courses would be able to make the students capable of handling present complexities and future challenges.

  • Graduation with B.Com
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


  • Branding Advertising Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
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