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MA - Psychology

MA in Psychology through distance mode provides students with knowledge about human behavior-related....

(16 Reviews)

MA - English

MA in English is one of the leading specializations in the master of Arts Program that deals....

(35 Reviews)

MA - Hindi

MA in Hindi or Master of Arts in Hindi is a 2-year Postgraduate Degree course. The course consists primarily ...

(41 Reviews)

MA - Sociology

MA in Sociology is a two-year post-graduate program designed to equip students with a comprehensive...

(39 Reviews)
MA - Economics>
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MA - Economics

The development of the new generation economist in line with the dynamic business world is of prime...

(54 Reviews)

MA - Political Science

MA Political Science has been designed for learners to acquaint the understanding of Indian Government, Political ...

(59 Reviews)

MA - History

MA History has been designed for learners to acquaint students with the past and present of India and the world. The program...

(29 Reviews)