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MA in English

MA in English Literature or Master of Arts in English is one of the leading specializations in the Master of Arts Program that deals with the study of literature and language in English across the world. It is the choice of many graduates to pursue the course of MA online learning in English. The program is at the post-graduate level and is completed in two years.

MA English literature includes a comprehensive study of both ancient and modern English literature comprising poetry, prose, and fiction. Literature is written in English not only by English writers from England but also by writers from other countries who have made significant contributions to the history of English literature. The Master of Arts course includes a thorough study of Indian Writings in English from its early times to the contemporary ones.

Online and Distance MA in English has research as another vital aspect that helps aspirants to develop comprehension of the language and literary works and further their learning. They acquire the skills to consider different sources of information and assess the nuances of authenticity and meanings of language and its impact. Subjects of the program cover a detailed analysis of the etymology and origins and its worldwide impact.

MA in English distance learning imparts soft skills such as intellectual curiosity, strong communication skills, analytical thinking, management skills, inquisitiveness, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and the ability to work under pressure. These multidisciplinary skill sets make aspirants versatile to work in the corporate world.

Indian English Literature, British Literature, and others are major topics which is covered in ma English subjects.

Teaching, editing, and content creation are among the MA English Distance Education careers . After completing a master's degree in literature, the typical salary ranges from INR 2,50,000 to 5,50,000.

MA English distance education programme opens avenues for promising job opportunities/career options and below are mentioned some of them.
  • Editor: This is a popular choice for spirants as this prestigious job profile offers lucrative pay packages and vast scope for career growth.
  • Web content writer: This is another thriving career opportunity for learners as it provides immense potential for career development.
  • Academic writer: Academic subject matter is incessantly required to meet the rising demand for course books. Also, with the ever-evolving market mechanism and changing curriculum, academic writers are always in high demand.
  • Teacher: after taking the degree of B. Ed, MA in English students can apply for a job with a high pay scale.
  • Translator: translators are quite in high demand as they facilitate trading between different countries.
  • SEO analyst: as the popularity of social media is gaining momentum, the job profile of SEO Analysts is also picking pace.

Benefits of Distance MA in English

MA English from Distance Education offers students the chance to discover more about the English language and all of its various concepts. Students who enroll in MA English online courses have a deeper understanding of the many theories employed in the industry and enhance their application. Suresh Gyan Vihar is one of the best university for ma English in India as it is one of the oldest and trusted names in the field of distance and online education.

The MA English literature distance education program offers students flexibility and accessibility. The majority of students in India cannot enroll in universities using the traditional route since they are also working. Aspirants now have access to success through MA English Distance study or masters in english literature online, and after completing this program, students can apply for jobs as content writers, teachers, translators, stenographers, editors, etc.

  • To help aspirants acquire a deeper understanding of English literature, research methodology, language, and literary theories.
  • To enrich them with the knowledge base of critical and creative thinking and develop analytical tools.
  • To help acquire specialized knowledge of the English subject to be used in further studies as well as in future jobs.
  • To assist in developing deeper insights into English Literature and Language and reinforce creativity, and critical appreciation of the subject.

Semester 1
  1. Language and Communication Skills
  2. British Poetry - I (Chaucer to Pre-Romantics)
  3. Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
  4. British Prose and Fiction - I
Semester 2
  1. Indian Writing in English - Poetry
  2. British Poetry – II (Romantics to Modern)
  3. Restoration to Modern Drama
  4. British Prose & Fiction – II
Semester 3
  1. Critical Theory
  2. American Literature
  3. Literature of the Marginalized
  4. Indian Writing in English (1900 till date)
Semester 4
  1. Literature and Gender
  2. Canadian Literature
  3. African Literature
  4. Commonwealth Literature in English

  • Any Degree from Recognized University


  • Branding Advertising Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management