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MA - Hindi

Master of Arts in Hindi, or MA in Hindi, is a 2-year Postgraduate Degree programme. In this course, Hindi literature, linguistics, and philosophy are the main topics of study. Students interested in teaching, translation work, content writing, copy editing, editing, etc. should do the MA course in Hindi. Candidates do not need to hold a specialized BA in Hindi to be admitted to the MA Hindi programme. Regardless of the subject of their undergraduate degree, candidates can get admission to MA Hindi.

MA Education in Hindi encompasses a diverse range of courses that develop deep into the various aspects of the Hindi language and its literary and cultural heritage. Students can expect to study courses such as Hindi literature from different periods, genres, and authors, linguistics, grammar, translation, creative writing, literary theory, folklore, historical and cultural studies, and more. The curriculum is designed to offer a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Graduates of a Master of Arts in Hindi program can pursue a variety of career paths. They might become educators, teach Hindi at various levels, or work as translators, interpreters, content writers, editors, journalists, or cultural consultants. Additionally, government agencies, NGOs, and cultural organizations often seek professionals with expertise in Hindi language and culture.

Why One Should Pursue MA Degree In Hind

There are several reasons why you should pursue an MA in Hindi; some of the most important ones are listed here for your information.

  • Candidates who successfully complete the MA in Hindi can work as effective teachers in institutions that also demand them to pass the Bed.
  • Candidates may choose to pursue a career in journalism, where they can also publish their writing in some of India's most popular Hindu publications
  • Candidates may also pursue undergraduate Hindi studies and, after earning a Master’s degree in Hindi, a PhD or MPhil in Hindi. The candidates can thus develop into scientists and carry out fruitful research in their areas of expertise.
  • In India, many people speak Hindi. Candidates may also choose for a profession that entails instructing Hindi to non-native speakers.
  • Candidates for the MA in Hindi can pursue advanced employment in the publishing industry as editors, copywriters, and other positions.
  • Candidates who want to write can select the MA in Hindi, which gives them the chance to study Hindi literature in depth.
  • Applicants with a creative mindset can pursue a profession as a screenwriter in Indian cinema or work as a writer for Hindi daily soap operas.
Distance Learning in MA Hindi: Salary Trend and Job Profiles

Students who wish to earn a Master's degree but are unable to attend traditional classrooms for a variety of reasons can enroll in the MA Hindi Open Learning. Due to the way, the course materials are organized, students can easily study for their exams. There are several advantages to completing a MA Hindi online course, one of which is the opportunity to work while you study and take MA Hindi online classes. This training is convenient and flexible. If you're already working and want to advance your profession, an online MA in Hindi is the best option.

MA Hindi Latest Salary Trend

The average pay after completing an MA in Hindi programme is between 3.5 and 7 LPA, but earnings may vary depending on the position and employment responsibilities in some situations.

MA Hindi Job Profiles
  • Hindi News Reader -he position may require you to participate in on-air interviews, panel discussions, debates, and other talk shows. To become a newsreader, you must have a degree in Hindi, mass communication, and journalism. On occasion, newsreaders are asked to remark on their scripts and work as reporters or journalists.

  • Hindi Professor - To instruct students in prestigious schools, colleges, and universities in Hindi. Teachers' salaries rise as their level of experience rises

  • Hindi Interpreter -This position offers multilingual content solutions by combining the skills of seasoned linguists with artificial intelligence technologies. It is necessary to be able to communicate in native Hindi. Those who speak Hindi at the native level are preferred to work on-site.

  • Hindi Editor -To approve TV and online programming, to make sure editorial standards are regularly followed, to help with story sharing, and to manage personnel deployment within the team

Course Objectives

The M.A. in Hindi degree is intended especially for students who want to work in education or translation. The program's main objective is for students to gain a thorough understanding of Hindi. Students will be able to learn about the linguistics of mediaeval, ancient, and current poetry as well as other subjects through this study of Hindi as an ancient language. Suresh Gyan Vihar University is one of the best universities for MA Hindi and various UG/PG distance courses. Students who successfully complete this course will have a solid grasp of the following knowledge areas

MA Hindi Course Details:
  • Hindi as an ancient language
  • Hindi language evolution and origin
  • The scientific basis of Devnagri script
  • Medieval, Linguistics, ancient, and contemporary forms of prose and poetry through this program.
  • Development of prose and poetry through ages

MA Hindi Eligibility - Any Bachelor’s Degree from Government-Recognized University

Fee Structure

MA Hindi Fees - INR 14000/ PA

To gain a thorough understanding of Hindi and to learn about the origins of Hindi as an ancient language, the scientific basis of Devnagri script, linguistics, and ancient, medieval, and contemporary forms of poetry and prose through this program.

  • Any Degree from Recognized University


  • Branding Advertising Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management