MA - History


MA - History

MA - History

History is a chronological account of key historical occurrences that frequently includes an analysis of their causes. It is a field of knowledge that documents and clarifies the past. Everything that occurs in the world has a reason, and without a different cause, events could not have occurred otherwise.

One important component of learning history is to learn from other people's mistakes, but there are many more. Understanding a culture's past and how it evolved, acquired beliefs, and evolved into the social structure it is today enables us to comprehend why that culture is the way it is today.

It fosters acceptance and harmony while assisting in comprehending the prejudice and hostility of others. It also teaches us how to assess the basic and secondary structures of evidence and how to compare the work of experts and historical methods. As a result, everything has a history, making it crucial in daily life or as a career.

A postgraduate degree programme called the Masters in Art History Online is designed to instruct students on historical occasions, locales, figures, etc. Students who take this course will learn more about exploring. The course must last at least two years. Many people can study for an online MA in History because it is flexible and available in many locations.

The MA History distance learning is a degree that incorporates both Indian and global historical occurrences. Historiography, ancient and modern European history, research methodology, and other related topics are covered in the course syllabus.

The Master's in History online programme is meant to focus on students to study about historical events. The explanation of their (the events') causes reveals that there are extra levels, such as comprehension and analysis, proving that it is not merely memorization. Looking at history as a whole will be our main focus.

By using this approach, we can stop measuring history and instead consider it to be a fluid process in which events and trends are linked. Therefore, the fundamental goal of the M.A. program is to teach students how to objectively and intellectually assess and understand historical events. Suresh Gyan Vihar is one of the most trusted and oldest universities and provides the best online master's in history including other UG/PG distance learning courses.

Masters in History Distance Learning Graduates Career Paths

Job opportunities after MA online learning degree:

  • Historian - In order to make inferences from the past and transmit them through writing and publication, they must study public history and research historical records.
  • High School Teacher - Their responsibility is to impart their knowledge. They create and impart historical lessons to high school students.
  • Archaeologist - The work is research-based and frequently involves going into the field. They might dig, examine coins, read inscriptions, and other things as part of their work. For the preservation of 3,600 sites, heritage organizations, museums, and other research and write facilities, the archaeological survey of India employs archaeologists.
  • Museum Curator - They focus on the history of objects made from natural materials, such as metals, terracotta, textiles, paintings, etc. They are responsible for keeping track of information about each piece, such as its age, where it was purchased, how it was conserved, etc.
  • Archivists - They are experts in document microfilming, parchment, and paper manuscript repair, and document preservation. They can get employment in state and national archives, museums, and libraries.

MA History Distance Education Future Scope:

  • Candidates with a Ph.D. in history may apply for a lectureship at any public college or university.
  • Graduates of the online History Master's degree program may pursue a Ph.D. in History to earn a doctorate.
  • Politics - They can work in the fields of politics, law, business, media, or public services as a manager, administrator, lecturer, political content writer’s journalist, consultants, etc.
  • History is covered in the curriculum for civil service exams. Because the subject is so broad, it is simple for online MA history programs graduates to study for the test.

Average Fee Structure

The typical cost of a distance and online MA history degree program ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 25,000.

  • To provide the student a critical understanding of developments in historiography.
  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and research attitude in the students.
  • To introduce the various Indian and foreign traditions of history writing.
  • To provide the student with awareness of current political debates.

Semester 1
  1. History Of Ancient India (From Earliest Times To 600 B.C.) Sources, Interpretations And Debates
  2. World In The Twentieth Century, Part - 1
  3. Evolution of Indian Society and Thought, Part - 1
  4. Women in Indian Society: Modern India
Semester 2
  1. Evolution of Indian Society and Thought, Part ? 2
  2. World In The Twentieth Century, Part - 2
  3. History of Major Revolution (1789-1949 AD)
  4. History of Political Thoughts
Semester 3
  1. Historical Tourism In India
  2. Political and Administrative Institutions of Medieval India
  3. Art, Architecture and Archeology of Medieval India
  4. Historians of Medieval India
Semester 4
  1. Economic History of Modern India
  2. Gandhian Thought
  3. Social History of Modern India
  4. Thinkers of Modern India

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