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MA in Political Science

MA Political Science Degree has been designed for learners to acquaint the understanding of Indian Government, Political Systems, and Political Philosophy. Students would be able to understand the Indian Constitution, International Relations, and the Indian Administrative process.

MA Political Science commonly known as Masters in Political Science is a postgraduate degree course that lasts for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years. Graduate students can gain a specialized understanding of Indian and global politics through this program. Those who want to work in the domains of public administration and governance can pursue it.

The study of both Indian and international political systems is covered in-depth and completely in this course. People who want to work in subjects like public administration and governance can enroll in a MA in political science distance learning programme.

Public legislation, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, political theory, and other significant topics are the parts of the MA political science syllabus. among those covered in the MA in political science offered through online learning programs.The value of imparting civil rights and responsibilities knowledge to students' brains is one. Thus, this course allows students to play a significant role in the nation's political structure.

Online political science degree provides an in-depth understanding of political systems, decision-making processes and procedures, institutions, and policies at all levels of government and non-government organizations. MA political science correspondence course themes center on political theories developed by Indian and Western philosophers, comparative politics, world politics, political theory, Indian social movements, state politics, etc.

MA Political Science Distance Education Key Features:

  • Political science online course is postgraduate-level makes it beneficial for obtaining positions that are more senior to those that can be pursued at the graduate level. .
  • The course discusses numerous aspects of governance using political doctrine, international law, polity, Indian and foreign government, political philosophy, and more.
  • A lot of students are interested in studying about politics because of how widespread the field is; online courses on political science is also necessary to crack competitive exams.
  • After completing online master’s degree in political science, students have alternatives that allow them to continue their education at the Ph.D. level. They can look for careers as a political content writer, activist, scholar, political consultant, etc. places of study.
  • Distance education MA in political science attracts students, making it available to all applicants who are interested but unable to attend regular classes.
  • SGVU is one of the best online masters in political science distance education providers in India. The university is NAAC accredited along with UGC-DEB certificates.

Job Opportunities After Completing MA Political Science

Public Administration: Public administrators use their degrees to help shape budget assessments and policy decisions, advancing the development objectives of the government.

Politician: A politician is essentially a member of any party, with specific responsibilities in fields like sports, finance, and education. These specialists' responsibilities include making choices in these areas and assisting regular people.

Political Correspondent: Reporting on political news, conducting interviews, and sourcing sources for national broadcasts on news channels.

PR Executive: Public relations is another fantastic choice because exposure to political practices helps one get familiar with a place's culture and social institutions, which makes one suitable for a position as a public relations executive.

Political Activists: Political activists are those who conduct research on societal problems and advocate for them on behalf of any party.

  • To enable the understanding within student and help them gain knowledge in the various political concepts, related theories, and their relevance in present political systems.
  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and research attitude in the students.
  • The students will logically apply their knowledge in the understanding of the nature of political system, form of government and the relevance of empirical theories for a sound working of government.
  • To provide the student with awareness of current political debates.

Semester 1
  1. Fundamental Concept of Political Science
  2. Indian Political Thought ? Ancient and Medieval
  3. Western Political Thought - Ancient and Medieval
  4. History of Constitutional Development in India
Semester 2
  1. Indian Political Thought - Modern
  2. Western political Thought ? Modern
  3. Theories of International Politics
  4. Electoral Politics and Reforms in Indian
Semester 3
  1. Indian Constitutional System
  2. Comparative Political Institutions
  3. International Politics (Post 1991)
  4. Gender, Governance and Politics
Semester 4
  1. Government and Politics in India
  2. Contemporary Political Theory
  3. Theory and Practice of Public Administration
  4. Gender and Law in India

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