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MA Sociology

Master of Arts in Sociology is a two-year post-graduate program designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of social issues in different cross- cultural societies that help shape modern society. The program prepares aspirants with advanced training to critically address various criminology issues utilizing apt social science tools. Suresh Gyan Vihar University is one of the best universities to study sociology.

MA sociology online course provides a sense of understanding to a social worker towards achieving a systemic way of studying the forms of social organizations and their patterns within social life. It provides insights into solving social problems and challenges. Also, it aims to provide a framework for social structure research with a statistical approach to well-being.

MA sociology distance education entails the study of social stratification, social connections, social interaction, cultural sociology, collective behavior, demography, comparative sociology, applied sociology, crime, and delinquency. In other words, Master in Sociology is defined as the detailed study of society. This is done by applying knowledge through research methods, evaluation, and statistics.

MA in Sociology program prepares students with the experience and necessary education to involve in bringing sustainable, positively centered, and equitable human social environments. It also helps integrate the program curriculum with research approaches largely emphasizing medical sociology, immigration research, and criminal justice.

MA in Sociology learning provides an essential framework for urban sociology, social inequality, and criminology. It reinforces career options in government administrative jobs, social advocacy, human services, community programs, and policy-making in private and government sectors. General employment areas are foreign aid programs, newspapers, television studios, social work, public relations, youth services, research organizations, trade associations, humanitarian organizations, Indian civil services, radio stations, hospitals, the education sector, the communications industry, and criminal justice systems.

It opens a plethora of job opportunities such as researchers, instructors, marriage counselors, census workers, labor leaders, human services, rehabilitation counselors, sociologists, social services departments, health care , policy analysts, and criminal justice agencies.

Sociology master's programs online provide a standpoint to understand social relationships and make positive alterations interpersonally as well as professionally. It enhances social skills by imparting techniques and tools to deal with practical experiences and interactions with numerous social groups.

The curriculum of the MA in sociology courses online includes industrial sociology, classical sociological theory, general sociology, rural sociology, sociology of rural development, qualitative and quantitative research, sociology of health, sociology of mass communication, computer applications in social research, social psychology, social problems, and political sociology.

Online sociology degrees help students understand the fabric and basic structure of human nature. it helps identify the mutually influential relationship between people and society. It assists in introspection of feelings and deep emotions persisting in society.

Post graduation in sociology opens various career options such as professor, life coach, social worker, community health worker, probation officer, coordinator, etc. Students can achieve their higher study goal with distance education MA sociology.

  • To impart students with the sociology online classes theories, concepts, and methodology of the social and behavioral sciences.
  • Master's degree in sociology prepares students with the expertise in the essentials of social institutions, and patterns of social behavior.
  • Master's in sociology online trains students to interpret and understand the contributing role of social institutions, social interactions, and social processes.
  • Masters in sociology distance learning enable them to effectively understand the fabrication of society with an emphasis on interpersonal and socio-cultural processes.

Semester 1
  1. Foundation of Sociology
  2. Methods of Sociological Research
  3. Indian Society-1
  4. Rural Sociology
Semester 2
  1. Development of Sociological Thoughts-1
  2. Sociological Theory-1
  3. Indian Society-II
  4. Criminology
Semester 3
  1. Development of Sociological Thoughts-II
  2. Family, Marriage and Kinship
  3. Essentials Of Business Finance
  4. Sociology of Development
  5. Gender and Society
Semester 4
  1. Sociology in India
  2. Sociological Theory-II
  3. Urban Sociology
  4. Social Stratification and Social Change

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