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Financial Planning and Analysis Management

Financial Planning and Analysis Management

MBA - Financial Planning and Analysis Management

MBA in financial planning analysis management is a two-year professional program designed to equip students with the comprehensive tools and techniques for enterprise management, management functions, and decision-making. It also includes the efficient usage of accounting principles to control higher cognitive processes like profit analysis and product evaluation. Aspirants conjointly get specialized training in estate designing, retirement designing, tax designing, and investment designing methods.

Students who take a Masters of financial planning course are equipped to use the most recent tools and strategies for managing money effectively. To prepare an analysis of the economic state of affairs and current money. It helps curate analytical skills and data to develop money planners at reasonable costs.

MBA in financial planning & analysis management course is crafted for aspirants who have an awareness of the finance sector. It covers all the critical aspects like capital management, international finance, and mergers & acquisitions. An in-depth understanding of how financial data is used in decision-making and how to apply that information in various company circumstances is facilitated by an MBA financial management.

Distance and Online MBA in financial planning & analysis management helps to apply financial tools to make effective credit and investment decisions and models that offer information for financial decision-making. It also helps to hone analytical and strategic skills to identify different business challenges and implement solution-based actions to combat them.

Online and Distance MBA in financial analysis management assists students in developing a broad understanding of business enterprises to facilitate decision-making and communication within an organization. It also helps to utilize knowledge and tools to address dynamism in an organization and adapt to ever-evolving business environments.

Online finance courses help multiply business skills and support an organization’s financial health through budgeting, integrated financial planning, management, and forecasting. It helps to develop specialized skills like sound strategic decision-making to be used for different levels of management.

Online & Distance MBA in financial planning & analysis management enables students to utilize qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate a company’s development and progress toward accomplishing goals and map out future corporate objectives of the organization. It also prepares students to explore international markets, business cycles, and data mining.

The curriculum of an MBA in financial analysis helps students to build leadership skills by focusing on international business, ethical leadership, enterprising technology, project management, social responsibility, and decision-making methods.

Online MBA financial planning nurtures and grooms the skills of money trading. Some core subjects include global business environment, business economics, business & corporate law, accounting & financial management, business research methodology, modern marketing management, information technology for business, analysis of financial statements, SCM & production operations, innovation & entrepreneurship management , corporate governance, ratio analysis, strategic management, business finance, strategic cost management, and business ethics.

Financial management course online offers numerous advantages such as flexibility, easy accessibility, affordable fee structure, and no geographical limits. Working professionals and housemakers can benefit from these features of financial planning online degree without compromising their ongoing tasks.

Online &Distance MBA In Financial Planning & Analysis Management Career Options

  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Derivatives Trader
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Equity Analyst
  • Purchase Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Accounts Department Head, And Operations Manager.

  • To help students determine the capital requirements of the organization depending on factors such as fixed and current costs, promotional expenses, and long-range planning.
  • To help aspirants frame financial policies about cash lending, control, borrowings, etc.
  • To enlighten in fully utilizing the scarce financial resources of the enterprise.
  • To empower learners with the understanding of the capital structure and sound strategic decision-making to maximize profitability.

Semester 1
  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business & Corporate Law
Semester 2
  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Modern Marketing Management
  3. Information Technology for Business
  4. Production Operations & SCM
  5. Business Communication Skills
Semester 3
  1. Business Policies Strategic Management
  2. Entrepreneurship Innovation Management
  3. Essentials Of Business Finance
  4. Financial Planning Analysis
  5. Team Building And Leadership
  1. Business Ethics Corporate Governance
  2. Analysis Of Financial Statements
  3. Cost Accounting Control
  4. International Finance
  5. Project Work

  • Graduation
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


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  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management