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Mass Communication Management

MBA – Mass Communication Management

MBA in Mass Communication Management is a two-year professional program based on a wide range of areas such as Broadcast Entertainment, New & Interactive Digital Media, Animation, Gaming, Film Entertainment, Event Management, and Visual Effects. The curriculum of the course is designed to provide students with specialized skills and knowledge about the know-how of handling different modes of media, creating creative content, and using cutting-edge technologies in the media industry.

MBA in Mass Communication Management is crafted to impart in-depth learning, intricacies, objectives, rules, and general management aligned with the mass media and Distance learning Courses . It equips aspirants with expertise in becoming business leaders and managers with an edge in the mass media industry. As the current scenario signifies the emerging demand for entrepreneurship and digital media, the course caters to this trend and enlightens students with its conceptual knowledge. Here are presented some of the vital skills covered in the curriculum of the course.

  1. Leadership skills and the ability for team-building.
  2. Ethical and moral sensibility and behavior.
  3. Understanding communication as a process and as a structure.
  4. Data analysis and problem-solving ability to come up with innovative solutions and ideas.
  5. Ability to spot emerging economic and sociocultural trends and be able to formulate key business decisions.
  6. Capability of self-evaluation and learning from failures to excel in the future.
  7. Skills for creative thinking and managerial expertise to handle day-to-day media activities.
  8. Knowledge of humanities/ social sciences/ fine and performing arts and proficiency in understanding society and individuals in connection to the domain of communication technology.

Career Opportunities for MBA in Mass Communication and Mass Media Management Graduates

There will always be opportunities in the media industry. As a result, the industry is an excellent one to work in because it also paves the way for many exposures and the development of skills that are necessary for both one's professional and personal life.

The salary for those working in these fields is excellent and keeps rising as their years of expertise grow. The students who successfully complete this course are hired as:

  • Media Strategists
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Media Managers
  • Media Planning Managers
  • Editors
  • Digital Marketing and Media Assistants
  • Corporate Communications Heads
  • Digital Media Analysts
  • Channel Heads, and other positions in a variety of industries.

An MBA in Mass Communication management covers the core aspects of marketing communication (promotion, advertising, and public relations) as it facilitates the brand-building of an organization. Additionally, the course builds knowledge of socio-psychological factors in the contexts of media and communication.

The program provides a strong grounding in media ethics and qualitative communication strategies. It is designed to refine communication skills and make them acclimatized to the ever-evolving environment of the corporate world. While developing news sense, it aims to hone interpersonal and communication skills so that students attain academic & media rigors and face the corporate world with utmost confidence.

Online/distance Mass Communication Management can be termed as the stepping stone for aspirants to learn the practical course from the top-graded academicians without visiting campus. Known for excellence, enterprise, and credibility, SGVU offers a comprehensive program to teach the technical skills needed in the contemporary environment of the multi-media industry. It also provides a platform to understand major issues as well as the challenges being faced in the media and communication industry.

Distance MBA in Mass Communication Course from SGVU provides students with the optimum level of exposure, experience, and excellence. Thereby, preparing students for their future endeavours with competitive theoretical knowledge.

  • To develop the ability to explore, learn and enquire independently.
  • To provide the knowledge for communication management deeply rooted in the education ethos.
  • To enlighten creative thinking so that aspirants can visualize innovative solutions for complex problems.
  • To develop leadership qualities and work discipline among students to make them industry-ready to take the plunge into the media industry.
  • To integrate the domain of general management in the media and communication industry and train students to become eloquent communication managers.

Semester 1
  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business & Corporate Law
Semester 2
  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Modern Marketing Management
  3. Information Technology for Business
  4. Production Operations & SCM
  5. Business Communication Skills
Semester 3
  1. Business Policies & Strategic Management
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  3. Fundamentals of Mass Communication
  4. Consumer Behaviour
  5. Media Law and Regulations
Semester 4
  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. Communication and Media
  3. Advertising and Public Relations
  4. New Age Media
  5. Project Work

  • Graduation
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


  • Branding Advertising Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management