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Marketing management

Marketing management MBA

MBA in Marketing management is a two-year professional program designed to teach students the skills, analyses, and tools employed to promote business concern. Globalization has opened the doors of foreign trade, besides increasing competition in the domestic market. This has increased the demand for the course of marketing management, as it views to match the requirements of consumers to the marketing resources of an organization. Masters in marketing management online involves converting consumer demands into products and services, which the enterprise can profitably deliver, promote, and offer in the marketplace.

Online MBA degree in marketing management enlightens students about marketing fields, market strategies, market research, consumer trends, product management, leadership & executive management skills, sales, etc. This enables students to identify the market choice through deep analysis of competition, economics, demand, and many more. It also teaches them to fully utilize financial tools such as distribution, advertising, pricing, market research, and sales promotion to ensure day-to-day accomplishments of short-term goals.

Distance MBA in marketing management is designed to develop dynamic managers who can display in-depth knowledge of marketing principles and manage wider business context like marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. this program build your skill set across a broad range of marketing subjects, such as talent management, strategic marketing, integrated marketing, and marketing communications. Students will be prepared for a diverse and challenging career with abilities to coordinate, execute and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities to support organization objectives like market positioning, revenue growth, and customer retention.

An MBA in marketing management online program also includes a wide coverage of different promotional activities such as advertising, sales, strategy, branding, and amalgamating. It also enhances knowledge of consumer behavior, marketing research, customer relationship management, managerial communication, advertising, etc. .

An MBA in marketing management syllabus covers the essentials of core subjects such as competitive marketing, service marketing, analytical marketing, internet marketing, retail management, internet marketing, analytical marketing, marketing communications management, business marketing, sales force management, sales promotion management, and many more.

Distance & online MBA marketing programs empower students to understand different interrelationships among multifaceted tasks and build analytical skills to grab opportunities in global business. It provides a solid grounding in sales, media, promotions, general management, and entertainment.

In today’s digitized world, companies aim to reach a global audience. They want to operate in the ever-evolving digital environment digital environment. An MBA in marketing management course helps students become marketers who can adapt and thrive in a volatile business environment.

Top reasons to pursue an online and distance MBA in marketing management.

  • It helps to acquire a detailed study of marketing concepts and teaches to apply them in real-life situations. The marketing concept means whenever an organization plans to maximize profitability by surpassing competitors, boosting sales, and meeting customers’ requirements. The main aim is to devise a situation where both the company and customers gain. The idea behind the concept is to satisfy after predicting the wants and needs of consumers better than competitors.
  • It helps to increase the scope of earnings after completing the Online course . Students generally get high pay packages which result in transformation in career growth and development. Students can unlock advanced career opportunities worldwide as the demand for MBA in marketing marketing management courses is high.

Career Path for MBA in Marketing Management Graduates

You have several job opportunities in marketing-related areas of business if you choose to pursue an MBA in marketing. You can pursue careers in a variety of fields, including brand marketing, sales, different marketing channels, product management, leadership management, market research, and consumer behavior, to mention a few.

Online Courses in Marketing Management Career Opportunities:

  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

  • To enable students to identify the scope and significance of marketing management.
  • To help them evaluate marketing concepts and phenomena to current business events in the industry.
  • To impart skills to coordinate the various marketing environment variables and interpret them for designing a marketing strategy for business firms.
  • To teach them to illustrate market research skills for designing innovative marketing strategies for business firms.

Semester 1
  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business & Corporate Law
Semester 2
  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Modern Marketing Management
  3. Information Technology for Business
  4. Production Operations & SCM
  5. Business Communication Skills
Semester 3
  1. Business Policies & Strategic Management
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  3. Fundamentals of Advertising
  4. Consumer Behaviour
  5. Team Building And Leadership
Semester 4
  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. Strategic Marketing Management
  3. International Marketing Strategy
  4. Fundamentals of Global Business Management
  5. Project Work

  • Graduation
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


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  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Management
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